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Services for your Mac

mac computers

+ Upgrade to a ssd drive

   (ie: make it faster)

+ Install extra memory

   (ie: stop the spinning wheel) 

+ Learn keyboard shortcuts

+ Learn your way around a mac



+ Setup email accounts on an




+ icloud setup

+ Understanding uploading 

   & downloading

Apple streaming

Apple TV & streaming

Run woindows 10 on a mac

Run Windows 10 on a Mac

Backing up files

Backing up files

+ Device setup

+ Connect streaming services 

   like netflix and stan

Help with apps

+ Learn how you can install

   and run Windows 10 on a

   mac (for real)

+ Learn how to use icloud 

   or Dropbox for backing 

   up your files and photos

Intenet, wifi

Internet / wifi

+ Weak wi-fi signal

+ Install a mesh system

+ Secure your network



Synchronise on all devices

+ Store securely

Add albums

+ Save in high definition

Ethernet Help

Wired Ethernet Points

+ No loss of internet signal

+ Reduce load on WiFi signal

Settings Assistance Mac


TV Setup and Streaming Support

TV Setups & Streaming

+ Learn to adjust phone      


+ Smart tv setup

Connect apple tv

+ Help with apps

iPhone and iPad Upgrades and Support

iPhones / iPads

+ Device setup

+ Customise settings

Help with apps

+ Learn how to use the 

   multi-tasking feature

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