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Memory Ram for Macs

RAM Upgrades for Mac

Sick of the spinning wheel of death?


Memory RAM is an important bit of hardware which affects computer performance.

Most of the older macs have on average 4GB's of Memory onboard which was fine 5-10 years ago but with the ever increasing size of the macOS X software releases, these macs tend to struggle.


Later macs come with 8GB's of Memory as a general rule, with higher GB configurations coming with a much higher cost.


With more Memory it allows you to multi-task at a greater pace, allowing your applications such as web browsing, emailing and MS Word document execution to preform faster.


Depending on your mac but as a general upgrading rule, 8GB of Memory is a bare minimum, with 12GB -16GB been the recommended amount of Memory for general use.


If your mac is compatible and your planing on running high intensive programs such as video editing, photos and gaming, you may want to consider 32GB of Memory. 

User benefits

  • Start your system in seconds

  • Load files almost instantly

  • Accelerate your most demanding applications

  • Store massive amounts of data with drive capacities up to 2TB

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