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macOS & macOS X Importance 


One of the most asked questions we get is, I've just updated the macOS software and their Mac computer has slowed down.


There a couple of things going on but it's obvious that the new macOS has bigger files and the computer is trying to do more with the same hardware configuration.


Upgrading your hard drive to a faster SSD drive and installing more RAM are two things that can be done to speed up a slow Mac but on the software side of things, there's also a couple of things that can be done too.


One is to reinstall a fresh new copy of your current macOS, which helps restore corrupted system files; the other is to reinstall again, but downgrade your macOS version by going back to an earlier version.


This helps by taxing your system less, thus the macOS performing better, but you can't escape the latest version of software, so upgrading the hardware may be still necessary.

User benefits

  • System stability

  • No annoying popups

  • Store massive amounts of data with drive capacities up to 2TB

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